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Ultimate Bling T-Shirts

We specialize in the Ultimate Bling T-shirt. We have amazingly colorful lead-free bling that will stand out to showcase the message you want to relay to the world. Our bling is lightweight, soft and comfortable enough to sleep in.

Our Ultimate Bling T-shirts are great for:

o Cheer

o Dance

o Gymnastics

o High School Sports

o Boosters

o Small Businesses

o Resort Wear

o Fashion Tees

o and more...

With 16 colors to choose from you can shout your message to the world without saying a word. Choose from:

o Crystal

o Red

o Blue

o Royal Blue

o Light Blue

o Sea Blue o Turquoise

o Emerald

o Dark Pink

o Purple

o Fuchsia

o Pale Yellow

o Silver

o Gold

o Brown

o Black

Subscribed to our blog and let us know what you think of our "Ultimate Bling". Until next time friends…


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