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Plain White Tees & Flannel Shirts

A plain t shirt and a pair of denim jeans are two quintessential wardrobe must haves. With the ability to dress up or dress down, the versatility offered by your good old fashioned plain tee is unrivaled.

Once you’ve chosen one of our quality plain t shirt that is comfortable and fits well, you’re well on your way to achieving looks for day, night, and everything in between. We've got plenty of shirts to choose from.

Try our Ladies' Club Crew Tee, tailored for a snug fit.

Club Crew Tshirt

Our Bi-Blend Tee is a unisex shirt and has a luxuriously soft touch that will keep you comfortable in all conditions.

Unisex Bi-Blend Tee

This look would be perfect for a casual weekend with friends or a day of running errands.

Ladies can just throw on your shirt, a pair of jeans, a slightly oversized flannel, and a pair of booties and be ready to tackle the day. Throw your flannel over your tee or tie it around your waist, this ensemble is flattering to all body types.

Flannel Shirt

This is also a great style for men.

Our unsex bi-blend tee has an improved tubular torso specification designed to have a slimming look. It also has a natural wicking ability which helps to draw perspiration away from the body.

Unisex Bi-Blend Tee

Every man needs a flannel shirt to stock his wardrobe.

Flannel Shirt

A great way for men to rock a plaid flannel shirt is to wear it with a casual pair of jeans. Depending on how casual you want to look, you can wear your shirt buttoned-up or left unbuttoned. If the plaid in your shirt features light colors in its pattern, a pair of dark wash jeans will look great. Alternatively, a dark plaid shirt worn buttoned-up could also be paired with khaki pants. Either ensemble would be great to wear to a party or other casual gathering.

The flannels we carry take laid-back looks to the next level. Ultra soft and just the right weight, it makes a statement with a classic plaid pattern and casual comfort.

You can wear as is or with our help, by adding empowering messages or graphics to truly make this style your own. Get year-round use out of your graphic tees by layering them under your plaid or flannel button-down shirts. You could even go all out and wear colored denim jeans with your graphic tee and flannel shirt combo. Get creative in pairing colors and patterns within your ensemble.

Tips and Advice:

*Make sure you choose the right fit for your plaid shirts. If it is too big it will look messy and if it is too small it will be uncomfortable.

*Try to avoid wearing plaid with busy patterns, like other plaids and stripes.

Have you tried this style before? Let us know your opinion... And tune in next week where we'll talk white tees and blazers.


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