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No Minimum Orders

Hi Friends! We've been getting the question about minimum orders lately.... there is no such thing as a minimum order at Fee & Tee's, LLC. Well..... 1.... but you know what I mean.

4 Steps to Ordering One or Two T-Shirts

1. Choose the style of shirt

2. Choose the color of shirt

3. Choose the size of shirt

4. Go to quote on our website, or send us an email with that info and upload a picture if you already have a design

Then you can rest easy, the hard part is done.

Once steps 1-4 are completed, we will send you an email with pricing information. **Please note that even though this particular post is about one or two shirts, this is the same process even if it were a thousand shirts. I just had to address the question that was on the mind's of our readers.**

Until next time,


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