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Hi Friends,

There are lots and lots and lots of changes being made within Fee & Tee's. We are super excited to tell you a few of them. For one, we are moving! *Insert theme song from The Jefferson's*

Our new location will be on True Street in Columbia. We cannot wait for you to be able to see our store! We have a few more weeks until we are officially opened in that location but we cannot be more excited about it. We've been bustling, hustling and rustling trying to get those doors opened. We hope that you're just as excited as we are, and that you see and appreciate our hard work. The official date hasn't been put out yet but we'll see you in March.

Secondly, while we are diligently working on the aesthetics of the store, we are also working on the website. We are adding AfterPay and Sezzle to our online payment options for an easier and more convenient way to pay. #Majormoves Be on the lookout for that, it should be added by the end of this week.

And lastly, in inventory, we are adding glitter from Hidden Treasures Boutique, a local craft studio specializing in personalized gifts for any occasion. We will have 12 vibrant colors of glitter for your beautiful handmade crafts! Also be on the lookout for Cad-Cut foil and metallic heat transfer vinyl being added to our specialty vinyl!

There are more changes being made and we'll tell you all about them when the time draws a bit closer! Hopefully you're just as excited about our updates as I am sharing them.

Until next time,


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