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It's our birthday!!! Our doors are officially open and we're ready for our first customer! We've set some milestones and I personally am ready to CRUSH all of them. My excitement is through the roof... if you met me personally, you'd know I'm easily excited but this is different. I'm on a mission and I feel like a superhero... SuperFee... did you hear the music? It was a combination of birthday music and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk".

This is absolutely exciting! And because we're opening our doors in June that makes us an official Gemini so I made this shirt (I'm a Gemini too by the way). What do you think? It's like my own Superhero insignia. There goes my theme music again.

Can't Deny A Gemini

As a former photographer you'd think I'd have a better picture....but I

promise I'll post better images for your viewing pleasure in the future.

We offer a great selection of high quality shirt brands ready to be turned into personalized t-shirts. Whether you are looking for screen printed t-shirts for your next event, marketing campaign, or customized t-shirts for your business or personal use, we are here to help you out! Not sure about what t-shirt to use for your design? Just click on our Design Gallery or Contact Us so we can help.

Sooooo.....Are you subscribed yet? We'd love for you come back to check us out every once in a while. Let us know you are here! Comment to say hi, happy birthday, or leave us a review! We would love to get your feedback on our new "birthday shirt" as well.

Until next time friends…


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