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We've Moved: Announcing Our Brand New Space!

Hi Friends! We have moved!!! Come see us at our new location.

The process to find a new location began last year in September. Our little shop has outgrown our home and we needed to expand. The move involved location scouting, plan development, packing plans, and eventually the actual move, and to do all of this as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. We are currently in a new development in True Centre. Our goal is to showcase all of our colorful vinyl, blanks and print materials all in one place. Thanks for everyone's support through the years and with the move.

We're not completely set up yet, but you can still shop our selection of Cad-Cut and Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl. And of course everything is available on our website.

We are located at 919 True Street Suite G Columbia SC 29209.

In addition to the new space we've added Badges on our mobile app. If you're not a member download Spaces by Wix We also have a new loyalty rewards program. You must have Cashapp to enable the rewards. If you don't have Cashapp use a referral code from a friend and you'll both be rewarded with $5 each from the app. Sign up here

Thanks for helping us grow! We can't wait until you're able to come through and check us out.

Until next time,



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