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Plain White Tees & Blazers

We're talking plain white tees again today.... today we'll talk about how to pair your it with a nice blazer. Blazers are another one of those staple pieces of clothing that are a lot more versatile than people give it credit for. This cooler weather is perfect for blazers and boots.

We've got three styles of blazers in stock from the Port Authority®.

With two colors to choose from, dress this blazer up or down! Port Authority® Ladies Fleece Blazer versatile fleece blazer looks polished with a woven shirt or more casual when paired with a tee. A classic shawl collar and figure-flattering seaming will move this must-have layering piece to the front of your wardrobe. Be creative and add your initial to the front of your blazer. You can even add your logo to really signature this look.

Dark Charcoal Heather

Dark Navy Heather

Port Authority® Ladies Fleece Blazer

Three colors to choose from in mens, and four colors of choice for women in this knit style blazer. from you can mix it up at the office or after work with this versatile, modern blazer. Designed for layering comfort, this easy-to-wear, deconstructed style can go from refined to casual and resist wrinkles all day long.

The knit blazer is easily matched with formal outfits, but also works great with a lot of casual pieces as well. Blazer and jeans work great together and are a go-to combination when creating a casual, yet put together look. Makes sense then that something as equally versatile as a slim fit T-shirt will work just as well with a blazer.

Port Authority® Knit Blazer

Port Authority® Ladies Knit Blazer

For more of a dressed up look, pairing a plain white t shirt with a sleek, black pencil skirt and your favorite pair of heels is win-win. Tucking in your tee and adding a fitted blazer creates a figure-flattering, structured silhouette and opting for heels that are a vibrant color is a perfect way to add some extra pizzazz.

For men, anything that is too loud is going to take away from the formal look and make it seem like you’ve just thrown a blazer over your casual wear. If you absolutely have to go for some detail keep it small or subtle. Or spruce it up with some personality by adding your name, initial or a minimal logo in the corner of one of our T-shirt or blazer. Dress it up with a long sleeve collared shirt or keep it cool with our crew neck tee.

If you’re going for bright colors make sure you’ve either got it on your t-shirt or your blazer, not both. Combining two sets of loud colors is going to look confusing and clash awkwardly. It takes away from the clean, smart look.

Men can can also pair these pieces with their blazers: slim fitting black joggers in a thick cotton, black or gray dress pants, the skinny jean,

Tips and Advice:

*Think about the fit, color, pattern and length, you can never go wrong with a solid color.

*If you want to go for a bright blazer make sure your T-shirt is in a neutral black or white.

*As a general rule your blazer shouldn’t end past your hand or above your waistline, and depending on your body shape can fall somewhere between the two. Sleeve lengths, however, aren’t really up for debate. As with all jackets, your sleeves should never drown your hands or bare your wrists and should fall somewhere in the middle of the wrist.

*The rule on fit for blazers is more or less the same as with a suit jacket. A blazer is supposed to be more slim fitting, but if it’s too tight and there are creases around the buttons where the material is straining, then you need to bite the bullet and go for a size up. Likewise, if your blazer isn’t following the shape of your body or pinching in a little at the waist then it’s not fitted enough, and you won’t get the sharp look you’re going for.

* A simple shoe will do.

Have you tried this look? Please give us your opinions.

Until next time friends...


For men,

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