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Product Spotlight: Ceramic Milk Mug

Hi friends!

We are so excited to bring a new product category to you all! We have heard from our customers that they were in need of sublimation items. Ask and you shall receive. Although we don't have an extensive collection YET, we are working on it, and want you to provide you with the things you need for your own customers!

One of the faves for this season is the Ceramic Milk Mug. It is made from porcelain stoneware and is just soooo cute! Personally, we can't wait to see what designs people will make with these adorable mugs. This sublimation milk mug is a perfect addition to a business. This mug can be customized to fit any occasion and can be used for gift giving. This particular mug works best this season because of all the holidays within it. I imagine a cute Santa Claus design with milk inside next to a plate of cookies for Santa. Wouldn't that be a cute photo shoot? Have the kids pretend they are sleeping next to the Christmas tree and your sublimated items on the table. ADORABLE!

With sublimation, you need three key components, pressure, heat and time. You will need a wrap to apply your image onto the mug. Directions are located in the description of the mug and there are countless videos on Youtube that can help with this. If sublimating multiple mugs at once, a larger commercial convection oven is needed. A mug cooling unit can also be added to convection ovens making mugs a high-volume, high production venture.

Adding custom sublimated mugs to your business is a great investment but before jumping into it, you should learn more about the different ways that mugs could be sublimated and what works best for you. If you are already in the sublimation business, you already know the benefits of adding different types of mugs, the awesome graphics that can be displayed on them and the return. Our mugs are $6.99 per and as always, we do not have a minimum quantity. If you order is 1 or 51, it is on its way in the next 24-48 hours. We pride ourselves on quality products and our fast shipping times.

Let us know your thoughts on this item and any ideas that you have for its decoration!

Until next time,


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