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Start an Apparel Line with Fee & Tee's, LLC

Hi Friends!

Have you ever thought of creating your own apparel line or customized t-shirt business? If so, let me explain how Fee & Tee's can help with that. When choosing a printing company for your designs, there are so many to choose from. We're sure you're doing your homework as to what they are.... there are screen printers out there and then there are fulfillment companies online.

Dropshipping allows the ability to safely and cost-effectively ship their order anywhere in the Continental US in 1-5 business days. Different fulfillment companies have different rules, and you would need to read up on them to fully understand what they will give you as a customer.

Choose to ship through UPS, and have all your shipping and printing costs conveniently located on one bill. You're taking in the fact that it is $0 in overhead, and you don't have to carry an inventory. You're able to set prices where you make a few dollars off each t-shirt sold. There are many options for your customer to choose from and you're not going to have interaction with them. Wait... pause. How will you reach your customers? How will you know when you have repeat customers? How will you be able to reach out to your customers? With fulfillment companies, you can't. Everything is done through the company, from packaging to delivering. Some people don't have an issue with this, because it is easy. For those that see the benefits in this model and didn't have the information before, good luck on your journey. For those that want a bit more control over their business, read on.

Working with a t-shirt printer can be expensive. In order to really make a profit and get costs down more than likely you would have to order hundreds of shirts. But that may not work for your budget or for inventory purposes. Now you have hundreds of shirts laying around that you may or may not sell. You will need to learn how to market and become a great salesperson. Not saying that you won't have to do this anyways, but you will have to learn extremely fast to get the shirts off of your hands.

What is our suggestion? Start out small.

Run 10 to 25 t-shirts per design and see how well they sell. From here you can determine your target market. Found a winner? Increase your inventory to 100 or 500 per design. Not only will you have to worry less about inventory running out, you'll get even better wholesale pricing since your quantities have increased.

How can we help? Fee & Tee's offers you full color transfers that you can apply to any type of garment. All you need is a heat press. We can print your design in as small of a quantity as ONE. We help to cut down the trial and error of your starting your business so you can run it flawlessly. You will be in charge of everything from customer service and satisfaction, fulfillment, and repeat orders. Your packaging can and will be as unique as you are, and you can brand your business how you want. For more information about starting your apparel line or ordering custom transfers contact us!

Until next time,


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